Best Dog Foods Puppies Will Adore 🐶 Delicious & Healthy Food For Puppy

Wanna see best dog foods puppies will adore? I know you do and that is the precise reason why you are here, right? Well congratulation my friend, you have made the first step in feeding your puppy properly with delicious and healthy food. In this video, I will show you two most popular dog foods for puppies which will preserve your puppy health. I’m a dog food judge. I specialize in examining dog foods so that I can recommend you food that will preserve your puppy health and extend its life. In my examination, I encountered many unhealthy dog foods that will harm your puppy. So do you want to avoid these unhealthy brands? Puppies are little and beautiful creatures that can’t care for themselves so they need your help. The most important step in caring for your puppy is choosing the best food which will help a puppy to grow up into beautiful and of course the healthy dog.

Ok, now let’s see two best dog foods puppies will adore: Number one, Orijen Puppy food. Orijen Puppy food is biologically appropriate raw food (BARF). As you probably know this is the most appropriate type of food for puppies. Puppies will adore Orijen because it is full of meat ingredients like: Chicken. Turkey. And fish. It is delicious but what about healthiness? Well, my friend I already told you the answer…

It is the most appropriate type of food for puppies but I am certain that you want more precise information, is that right? Ok, the Orijen puppy food characteristics: First, production technique – freeze-drying. If you check my other videos then you might hear that the freeze-drying is the best production technique because it preserves all nutritional value of ingredients. Second, composition – 38% proteins, 20% fats, 5% fiber, 12% moisture. This composition is ideal. The protein level is high, the fat is approximately 1/2 and the most important… Fiber level is low. Third, ingredient analysis – 0 dangerus ingredients. I made an ingredients analysis and saw that there are only freeze-dried meat ingredients so there is no room for unhealthiness. Ok, Orijen is a great brand that I as a dog food judgy highly recommend. Now let’s see the second puppy food brand, shall we? Food brand number two Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Venison & Bison Puppy Food. Taste Of The Wild is one of the most popular dog food brand in the world.

That is not a coincidence, why? The food is quality, cheap and the dogs adore it. Ok, Taste Of The Wild has many brands but the best one for the puppy is high prairie venison & bison puppy food. I know I know you wanna see characteristics, right? Well, no problem, here are Taste Of The Wild puppy food characteristics: First, production technique – drying. Drying isn’t the best technique and that is the only objection I have. Second, composition – 28% proteins, 17% fats, 5% fiber, 10% moisture. Fat to protein ratio is 61% and the fiber to protein ratio is 18% which is almost ideal composition. Third, ingredient analysis – 0 dangerus ingredients. Ok, I will be completely honest with you here. In the ingredient analysis, I found few low quality ingredients but there are no dangerus ingredients. And this is it my friend.

Now you know two best dog foods puppies will adore however… I will reveal you one little secret. I have made a great notes where I compare 10 most popular dog foods for puppies. There I show you my compleate analysis of top 10 dog foods for puppies and the best part is that I am givng you the comparison for free. Why I am giving it to you for free? I promise that I will help you to avoid unhealthy brands that will harm your puppy and I really mean it. So download it now. A link is down below in the description.

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